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Characterization and inspection services

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The first step to solving a challenging problem is to understand it. James Fisher provides the tools needed to characterize, inspect and monitor critical components in hazardous environments. We employ experts in non-destructive testing methods and deploy them to our customers’ sites to aid in their most difficult projects.

Laser scans

3D scan imported into video or CAD package · Detailed survey from a distance · Complex structures modeled quickly · Simple tripod deployment

Non-destructive examination

Conventional techniques: ultrasonic, eddy current testing · Specialized methods: Time of Flight Diffraction and high resolution ultrasonic imaging · Tube testing services: remote visual, IRIS ultrasonic & eddy current methods · Technique development · Inspection planning


Sonar scans

Used to measure the level and distribution of sediment · Sludge depth pattern mapping in tanks and pools · Profiling to identify buried material · Positioning of embeds for plant structures · Verification of pumping and agitation performance


Visual inspections

Tank inspections (both exterior and interior) · Pipe and tube inspections · Fuel pool inspections · Hot cell inspections



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