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Machine safety and control

James Fisher Prolec machine safety and control

Industry-leading machine safety and control solutions, providing a high level of accuracy to enhance the safety, performance and productivity of your machinery.

Maximize your asset’s performance: James Fisher’s pioneering plant equipment technologies deliver transformative benefits in site safety, operational efficiency and cost reduction.

As part of the James Fisher group of companies, JF Technologies is pleased to present JF Prolec’s advanced machinery safety and control solutions to the US market.

Assure safety, optimize performance and increase productivity.

James Fisher Prolec’s innovative systems support the safe and efficient delivery of construction machinery operations, enabling end-users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to drive productivity to the highest level within a machine’s safety envelope. The range of plant safety, machine guidance and on-board weighing systems provide unrivalled worksite hazard mitigation for operations involving heavy machinery.

From highways (ALR) and rail (ALO) to civil construction and dredging, the plant equipment safety and control systems offer a range of multi-environment solutions to safeguard operatives, assets and the public.

Machine guidance and control solutions

We support our customers through the innovative application of sensors, hardware and software technologies, to develop world-leading machine guidance solutions, including:

  • Precision machine control when working adjacent to critical infrastructure
  • Accurate dredging envelopes irrespective of vessel position or state of tide
  • Excavator safety and telehandler control systems
  • Height limitation technology
  • On-board weighing systems
  • Road rail vehicle (RRV) safety solutions (to standards)

Innovative solutions to support your operations

Harnessing advanced application software, machine control, and sensory technology, the machine control systems accurately set height, reach, slew and depth limits to minimize the chance of onsite collisions. This protects against a host of threats, including overhead structures, subsurface power cables, high pressure water mains and other surrounding machines. In combination with this, our rated capacity indicators (RCIs) monitor machine load capacity to maintain safe operating levels and ensure vehicle stability.

Safeguard your future

JF Prolec’s solutions improve on-site safety and set high operational safety standards throughout the construction industry, including hazard mitigation and risk management.

For more information, browse the range of products, or contact us now to find out how machine safety and control solutions can increase your productivity and help reduce costs.


Machine control

Carry out excavation designs to a high level of accuracy with our precise excavator machine control systems.


Height limiters

A range of tools to restrict the working height of excavators, backhoes, telehandlers, cranes, forklifts and other machinery requiring height limitation.


Dredging control systems

Dredging control systems that drive productivity and improve accuracy for excavation when visibility is compromised.


Slew limiters

Limiting slew on construction equipment to safeguard your machine and assets when working in congested environments.


Rated capacity indicators

Maximize asset performance and regulatory compliance in lifting and carrying operations with James Fisher Prolec.


Rail Pro (PMERail)

Compliant solutions for the rail industry that drive productivity and safety on track.


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