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Modular containerized systems

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James Fisher Technologies' (JFT) Modular Containerized Systems provide an elegant alternative to expensive capital build projects and facility modifications. JFT is offering this proven technology across the industries we serve to provide a facility in a transportable, temporary container.  

We offer a number of standard solutions or custom made systems that can be made to match your project's needs:

Breathing air systems

Packaged into a convenient 6" mini container, this system supplies breathing air for four personnel.  The compressor has an advanced control system that increases worker safety and ensures clean air is provided to the workforce.

Ventilation systems

When a facility's existing ventilation system needs to be taken offline or supplemented in order to perform a needed task, the JFT modularized ventilation systems provides a quick solution.  These systems are supplied with the needed filter change stations and air sampling provisions to facilitate the needed maintenance and monitoring.

Changing rooms

JFT provides changing rooms, access control and monitoring facilities in a transportable temporary installation that can easily move as the project's access changes.  These systems come equipped with the needed exit monitors and security rated controls.

Solid waste packaging and treatment

JFT has developed a transportable system that can receive drums full of hazardous waste, segregate out prohibited waste forms, treat the waste, and make ready for repackaging in a solidified waste form.  The system includes an integrated glovebox and cascading ventilation system to control contamination and protect the workforce.


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