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Reactor/hot cell decommissioning

Reactor/hot cell decommissioning image

James Fisher Technologies (JFT) provides tools and services for reactor and hot cell decommissioning activities.  We utilize a graded approach to the deployment of remote tools that allows us to start with the simplest of remote tools needed and only increase in complexity as required.  Our products range from simple long handled tools for semi-remote activities to the most advanced general purpose manipulator on the market today (Moduman100).

Reactor vessel and internals segmentation and size reduction 

JFT has experience with nearly every cutting technology on the market today, including mechanical (saws and milling), flame, plasma, waterjet and diamond wire. This breadth of understanding allows us to select the right technology for the job.

Hot cell manipulators 

We are the leader in deploying manipulators into existing MSM ports to provide remote operations requiring no facility modifications.


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