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Tank cleaning and inspections

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James Fisher Technologies' (JFT) products and services are well suited for the performing, cleaning and inspection operations in large storage tanks. This includes the deployment of the latest Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) technologies to quantify tank integrity, the deployment of long-reach robotic systems through small penetrations; the retrieval of sludges utilizing both dry and wet methods; and the treatment and packaging of sludge wastes.

Tank wall integrity and inspections

JFT offers a product that can be deployed through an existing tank penetration and navigate through supernate, sludge, and tank heel waste to measure wall thicknesses and perform corrosion mapping.  JFT has experience with UT, Radiography, Eddy Current, and Magnetic Particle Testing.  We are well versed in a number of NDE methods including Phased Array, Time of Flight Diffraction, High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging, and SLOFEC.

In addition to our tank wall integrity capability we are able to deploy a number of standard imaging products to understand the tank and sludge condition.  This includes LaserScan and Sonar.

Tank waste retrievals

Our long reach manipulators and long handled tools are designed with tank cleaning in mind.  The systems utilize carbon fiber construction to allow for long reach and minimal deflection.  They are designed to be deployed through small openings and reach out to all points in a tank.  They can be used to deploy both wet and dry retrieval methods utilizing hydro-lasing, scabbling and sluicing technologies.

Modular liquid waste treatment and packaging

JFT offers a modular, transportable liquid waste treatment facility.  This facility can be placed at the tank location to process sludge or slurry wastes and make ready for solidification and packaging.  The system utilizes the latest technologies to manage pH, separate solids from the waste stream, treat the water, solidify the waste form and make ready for disposal in a shielded container.


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