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James Fisher Technologies (JFT) has an extensive, varied and valuable client base. We are proud to serve these clients as they perform critical operations in hazardous environments in the nuclear, rail, oil and gas and defense sectors.

We devote time to understanding our customers' needs in order to deliver the best possible service solutions to solve their current and future challenges. In doing so, we draw on our broad experience, ground-breaking skills and commercial best practice.

The ongoing growth of our broad service portfolio allows us to offer a wide and developing range of solutions and products throughout the different markets we serve. The enduring nature of our client relationships verifies our commitment to providing nothing short of outstanding service.

Our core principles of providing excellence and constant modernization have been the key contributors to our achievement. By leveraging our global reach, deep operational understanding, range of ability, and the passion and commitment of our staff, we have become a trusted partner to all our clients.



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