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webinar series


 Episode One: Safety and Productivity Converge. 

James Fisher Technologies CEO Scott Adams kicks off Coffee and Conversations with a visit with equipment managers from two major infrastructure projects in the Eastern US. Hear stories of how the Prolec safety system allows the excavators to work more, while satisfying the safety protocols of the client. 


 Episode Two: Hazard Mitigation in Action.

Coffee and Conversations host Scott Adams welcomes James Fisher Prolec General Manager Nigel Shaw who walks through the use and function of the PME Safety System. Witness the operator create a safe working envelope, keeping the excavator from striking hazards on or adjacent to the jobsite. 



 Episode Three: PMX: Transforming Hazard Mitigation and Site Safety. 

The Coffee and Conversations series wraps up with Scott Adams welcoming James Fisher Prolec’s Nigel Shaw and David Bond. Building on the reliability and usability of the PME system, PMX extends the safety system by giving it the ability leverage the latest satellite technology. When the entire job site is mapped, the hazards can be marked, allowing all PMX equipped  excavators to operate while eliminating the chance of an accidental strike. 



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