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Height Limiter

Improve site safety by using height limiters to minimize the risk of excavator collisions. Height limiters monitor the position of the machine in relation to pre-set limits, helping to prevent collisions with overhead hazards like power cables, signs and bridges.

Why install a height limiter?

Fitting height limiters to excavators protects equipment, staff and other assets from damage or injury caused by collisions with overhead hazards. They are increasingly becoming a core requirement on many types of construction sites, be it civils, rail or highways, and their use instils confidence in stakeholders by demonstrating high safety standards.

Height limiters also help look after your profits, as a reduced risk of collisions with overhead hazards brings with it less downtime and a reduced need for expensive repairs. Their presence protects your bottom line from unexpected fines, and can help keep your safety record and reputation within your industry intact.

Where can height limiters be used?

Height limiters can be installed on single, mono and triple boom excavators, with options also available for backhoes and telehandlers.


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